Sale dentist highlights the dangers of illegal tooth whitening

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Tooth whitening is becoming increasingly popular year on year. While this means that more people are feeling confident about their smile, it has also lead to an increase in illegal tooth whitening.

Sale Dental Spa’s Dr Aisha Ahmed is keen to alert people to the dangers of illegal whitening, especially as Christmas nears, and many of us are looking forward to parties, festive celebrations and taking time off.

When tooth whitening is provided by a trained dentist, it’s a very safe and effective procedure, which makes your smile look whiter and brighter. However, there are risks involved when treatment is administered by individuals who have no formal dental training. Whitening may not be suitable for those who suffer from sensitivity, for example. Using the wrong products can also result in severe irritation of the gums and damage to the tooth enamel. In the worst cases, dentists have seen patients with blistered gums caused by chemical burns.

Dr Ahmed urged the public to be cautious when choosing where to go for whitening treatment. It is actually illegal for anyone who is not a registered dentist in the UK to offer such services to the public. If you see an advert for whitening at a beauty salon, for example, it is highly likely that the owner of the salon is breaking the law.

As tooth whitening is a dental procedure, it must only be carried out by qualified dentists who are registered with the General Dental Council. Anyone who supplies treatment without the relevant expertise is liable for legal action. The GDC has clamped down on illegal whitening in the past couple of years and numerous individuals have been prosecuted. If you suspect that somebody is offering illegal treatment, contact the GDC. You can search for registered dentists using the GDC website.

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