Saffron Walden dentist documents appointment regime online to reassure patients

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A Saffron Walden dentist has documented her new appointment regime online to reassure patients, as practices in England reopen.

Carla Jones, who runs the Courtyard Dental Practice, wanted to show patients what they could expect if they go to the dentist in the months to come to try and ease anxiety. Posting a video online, the team showed patients around the treatment rooms, explaining what kinds of measures had been implemented to protect staff and patients amid the Coronavirus crisis.

Dentists understand that many patients may be apprehensive about making an appointment, even if they have been struggling with pain during the lockdown. The video posted by Carla is designed to help patients to prepare for their visit and to see that there’s nothing to be worried or scared about. The additional guidelines that have been introduced focus on infection control and social distancing, and patients will notice that their dentist and other members of staff will be wearing more robust PPE, including visors, gloves, masks and gowns.

Carla said that she was eager to ensure that people are not afraid to come forward if they need dental help. She also wanted to discourage patients from attempting DIY dentistry at home. There have been reports of people pulling their own teeth out, but this carries risks, as well as being very painful without anaesthetic. Patients who do require urgent assistance can contact their regular dentist. If the treatment cannot be provided at their local practice, they can be referred to a local urgent dental centre. 

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