Retired Irish dentist helps people in Belarus

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A retired Irish dentist regularly goes to Belarus to provide young orphans with free dental care.

Waterford News and Star reports that, Dr Donal Tully set up Chernobyl Dental Aid Ireland to provide children of affected by the Chernobyl with free dental care.

He established the scheme in 1999 after being inspired by a meeting about the disaster at his Waterford Rotary Club. He has since set up three dental clinics in the Eastern European country and hopes to continue his good work.

The news that many orphaned children were having teeth pulled out without anaesthetic was too much for Dr Tully to bare and he resolved to take a stand.

He is now in the midst of setting up a fourth dental clinic and tries to visit twice a year to complete five days of work, treating as many children as he can.

Dr Tully said that he gets great personal satisfaction from helping so many children and that he was proud of how far things had come over the last 10 years.

Three or four people now accompany Dr Tully on his trips to Belarus to help with his work. He claims that his “long-term” ambition is to have a mobile unit so he can treat people from hard to reach areas of the country.

The Irish Dental Association and Colgate support Chernobyl Dental Aid Ireland.

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