Retired Dental Duo Reveals Plans to do Charity Work in Africa

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A husband and wife team who have worked at a dental practice in Dunstable for over 26 years has retired.

Peter and Lorinda Le Roux have worked and lived for over 26 years in Dunstable and recently took the decision to retire. The duo bade farewell to colleagues and patients at Darrell House Dental Surgery and are now looking forward to tackling new projects, spending time with family and dedicating more time to hobbies and interests.

Mrs Le Roux said that it was very difficult to make the decision to retire, as work has been such an integral part of the couple’s life and they have got to know many of the patients very well over the last 26 years. In many cases, the couple has treated many members of the same family and many people have become friends of the practice. Mrs Le Roux said both her and her husband were lucky to have jobs, which they loved doing every day and this made the decision to step away very hard.

Mrs Le Roux, a mother of four, said that retirement plans include a charity dental trip to Africa, which they are already planning with great excitement. In most parts of Africa, access to dental care is very poor and most people haven’t even seen a dentist before, so charities are very grateful for any help they can get. Lorinda Le Roux said that she will be happy to help out in any way and will be there to take on any tasks that need doing to make a difference to people living in poor conditions.

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