Researchers to trial mouthwash as a means of reducing Covid-19 levels in saliva

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Researchers are preparing to trial mouthwash as a means of reducing Covid-19 levels in saliva. Patients at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff will take part in the upcoming trial.

The research team is keen to analyse the impact of mouthwash on the virus after studies suggested that agents found in mouthwash can disrupt the lipid membranes in other similar types of viruses. SARS-CoV-2, the virus currently affecting thousands of people all over the world, is an enveloped virus, which has a lipid membrane. It is thought that mouthwash could disturb the lipid membranes of the Covid-19 virus in the same way as other lipid viruses. 

Patients in Cardiff will be asked to use Dentyl mouthwash over a period of time, and researchers will be collecting data and evaluating the outcomes. Previous studies have found iodine mouthwashes to be effective against SARS and MERS, other types of Coronavirus. 

Dentyl, a mouthwash that contains a microbial agent known as cetylpyridinium chloride, will be used by participants for 12 weeks. 

Lead researcher, Professor David Thomas, said that the team is excited to get started with the “much-needed clinical trial” following literature reviews that indicate that mouthwash could have a positive impact on Coronavirus levels. The aim is to see if a compound that can “inactivate an enveloped virus” in a laboratory can benefit human patients. 

Chief executive of Venture Life, Dentyl’s parent company, Jerry Randall, added that everyone at Dentyl is eagerly awaiting the results of the trial, which could indicate that Dentyl has a role to play in the fight against the virus.

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