Researchers Suggest Cutting Sugar Intake To 5tsp Per Day

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Researchers from Newcastle University have urged people to reduce their sugar intake to five teaspoons per day.

A study by scientists at Newcastle University claims that the recommended sugar intake should be halved to 5 teaspoons per day after research revealed the implications of increased sugar consumption.

The World Health Organisation recommends a daily intake of 10 teaspoons per day; however, researchers are calling for this to be reduced dramatically to lower the rate of tooth decay and associated oral and general health problems. Previously, the WHO recommended an intake of free sugars, which are found naturally in fruits and honey or added to foods by manufacturers, of 10 per cent of the total calorie intake, but scientists believe that this should be halved to 5 per cent.

Professor of Nutrition and Oral Health at Newcastle University, Paula Moynihan, said that for many people, sugary foods, which used to be included in the diet to celebrate special occasions, are now staple foods. Professor Moynihan said that it was important to try and “reverse this trend” to reduce rates of dental decay.

Researchers also discovered that fluoride does not offer protection against cavities, which are caused directly by sugar; however, it does protect the teeth against decay. Professor Moynihan said that fluoride protects and strengthens the teeth but it cannot eliminate the major cause of cavities: sugars.

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