Queensland Dental Experts Disappointed By Fluoride Vote

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The Queensland subdivision of the Australian Dental Association has expressed disappointment at the result of a vote in Charters Towers when councillors voted against adding fluoride to the water.

Councillors voted four to three against adding fluoride to the water in Charters Towers located in the North of the state.

Dr Bruce Newman, from the association, said the result was disappointing and urged the people of Charters Towers to contact councillors about the decision, which he believes will affect standards of oral health in the area. He further said the benefits of fluoride far outweigh issues with costs and he hopes the council will reconsider the decision in the future.

He added that fluoride is beneficial for anyone who has teeth and that the decision against fluoridation will have a negative impact on oral health standards, especially among people who do not have a dedicated oral hygiene regime.

Dr Newman said people are within their rights to quiz the council about the decision. He believes that the vote prevents people from accessing an important health benefit.

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