Private Dental Charges Soaring In The UK

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Research has revealed that private dental charges in the UK have soared over the past year, with the cost of a check-up increasing by ten percent.

Consumer research carried out by medical comparison site, showed that the price of an average private dental check increased by 10 per cent, from £36 to £39, over the last twelve months.

Researchers priced the procedure at more than 11,000 dentists across the UK and found significant variations in cost; a check-up in Cambridge cost up to £68, compared to £26 in Stoke on Trent. The price increase represents an appreciation four times the rate of inflation. Prices were also high in Plymouth and Edinburgh, while fees were lower in areas of the country including Swindon and Reading.

Caelen King, chief executive officer of, said that the figures reflect the variation between different dentists and different parts of the country even for dental check-ups, which are a routine procedure, which most people attend on a regular basis.

Research revealed that even in the same towns and cities, there was a great deal of variation in cost and a significant increase in the average price of a routine check-up since last year.



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