Private Company Takes Over Specialist Services in Oxfordshire

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Oxfordshire County Council has confirmed that specialist dental services in the county will now be run by a private firm. Community Dental Services became the new provider for the county on April 1st.

Community Dental Services is already part of the Oxfordshire Oral Health Promotion Team and will be working to target people who are vulnerable to oral health problems, including the elderly, people living in rural communities in the county, patients with learning disabilities and special needs, children and drug and alcohol users. The firm will be working closely with children’s centres, schools and nurseries to try and encourage good oral health habits among young children and reduce rates of dental decay.

Alison Read, chief executive, said that Community Dental Services prides itself on delivering patient-centred care in the heart of the community and the company will be building on their existing success to widen the range of services available within the county and ensure that nobody slips through the net. There are already plans in place to visit local children’s centres and primary schools to introduce oral health initiatives, and the team is eager to adopt an inclusive approach to include all demographics and people from all backgrounds.

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