Prisoner Escapes Swedish Prison To Visit Dentist

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A prisoner has escaped from a jail in Sweden to visit a dentist.

At 51 years old, the inmate decided to flea the Ostragard facility in Vanersborg, South Sweden, after experiencing dental pain, which he said he was unable to tolerate any longer.

The prisoner, who was part way through his one month sentence at the low-security prison, had asked to see a doctor or dentist after developing severe toothache, but his requests were not granted and when he could no longer tolerate the pain, he decided to take matters into his own hands and left the jail to see a dentist.

He told a local newspaper that his face had become very swollen and he couldn’t stand the pain anymore so he felt there was no option but to leave the prison to find a dentist.

The inmate tracked down a dentist after leaving the prison, had the infected tooth removed and then turned himself in to local police, who took him back to the prison.

After returning to the prison, he was given a caution by police and his sentence was extended by one day.

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