Popularity of dental implants grows

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Dental implants are beginning to grow in popularity. The thing that people like most about them is that they give you back your own teeth. There has been great improvement in dental implant procedures and techniques over the past 20 years. The ADA reports that 5.5 million dental implants were performed during 2006. Dental implants are made of titanium. After they are placed and heal, dental crowns and/or bridges can be placed on them. They are perfect for adults to the elderly, but not recommended for children, as their bone is still growing and reshaping itself. They look natural, are durable, and feel like your own teeth. They are an excellent alternative to replace a single tooth, instead of cutting down the adjacent teeth to fabricate a bridge. Until 8 years ago, dental students were not taught implant procedures in dental school. Now they are an integral part of restorative dentistry and periodontal courses. Implants are here to stay in dentistry.

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