Popular Bath dentist downs his drill after nearly 40 years

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A popular Bath dentist has downed his drill after almost 40 years of treating patients in the city.

Dr Phillip Pettemerides was born in Bath, he studied at the City of Bath Technical College and he bought a practice in the city in 1984. Phillip’s family is originally from Cyprus but his mother is English and he always wanted to work in Bath.

Phillip quickly established a reputation for being charming, compassionate and caring and his practice at the Edgar Buildings in George Street grew rapidly. Phillip was always interested in science as a youngster and this is a passion he carried throughout his dental career. He was passionate about innovation and was always looking to update technology and provide access to new treatments for his patients. He is renowned for his proficiency and expertise in implant and aesthetic dentistry.

Phillip was very popular among colleagues and patients, many of whom visited him for several years and recommended the practice to friends and family members, but he was also a very well-known figure in the wider community.

Now that he is retiring, Phillip has plans to work on the house in the countryside he and his wife moved to and he is visiting his daughters in Australia in the autumn. He is looking forward to spending more time in the outdoors and following the rugby but said that he will miss everyone at the practice terribly.

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