Political aspirations quashed for hygienist Minetti

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Silvio Berlusconi’s dental hygienist will not be able to run in Italy’s regional elections.

Former showgirl Nicole Minetti, 25, was asked by the Italian prime minister, 73, to run for his party People of Liberty after she put a smile back on his face following an attack where he lost two of his teeth.

However, Minetti will not be taking contesting a seat for People of Liberty in the Lombardy region because the party has been disqualified from two of this month’s regional polls.

The party is appealing against the ban which prevents it contesting seats in Lazio and Lombardy.

It was banned because it missed registration deadlines in Lazio and forms which contained more than 500 invalid signatures were registered in Lombardy, Berlusconi’s home region near Milan.

The prime minister has accused the countries left wing Radical Party of interfering to stop his party running.

A ruling will be made about the appeal by Saturday 13 March 2010.

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