Pocket-sized breath test on its way

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You’re about to head into a meeting and become paranoid that last night’s garlic is still on your breath. Although the cupped-hand check has been around for ages now, it’s not very accurate. So what do you do? Good news: researchers at Tel Aviv University have come up with a new pocket-sized breath test to get you out of these sorts of jams. 
The kit – known as the OkayToKiss kit – will let you know if you have bad-breath-causing bacteria in your mouth by giving you a blue result. A clear result means you’re all smiles. The kit can also give an indication of your oral health. 
Kit co-developer Professor Rosenberg said: “All a user has to do is dab a little bit of saliva onto a small window of the OkayToKiss kit.” 
The kit is currently patent pending, but should go to market in approximately a year. It will be disposable and the size of a pack of chewing gum. 
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