Plans to extend Bury dental practice rejected by councillors

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Councillors in Bury have rejected plans to extend a dental practice in Parr Lane.

The owners of Unsworth Smile Clinic submitted an application to add an extra storey to the existing property, which is set over two floors; however, the proposal has been rejected on the grounds that it wouldn’t blend in with buildings in the immediate vicinity.

Members of staff at the practice were hoping to expand the surgery to increase capacity, but councillors turned down the application, stating that it would “stick out like a sore tooth”.

Local residents, including a lady who lives across from the surgery, had also expressed concerns. The surgery is already set over two floors, and adding another storey would have made a very tall building, which wouldn’t have fitted in with surrounding buildings. There were also fears that an extra storey would have reduced light for homes located opposite the clinic and enabled people to see into the upstairs rooms of surrounding homes from the surgery.

The application had previously been recommended, but councillors voted 9 to 3 in favour of throwing the proposal out.

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