Peterborough School Dental Service could Close

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A school dental service in Peterborough, South Australia, could close next year.

SA Health planned to close the service last year but pledged to operate the clinic for at least another year after Stuart Dan van Holst Pellekaan contacted the health minister. The clinic has been up and running since the 1970’s and no modernisation or renovation has taken place.

If the clinic closes parents and guardians will have to travel to Port Pirie or Clare for their children to receive treatment. Mr van Holst Pellekaan contacted the State Government after hearing about plans to close the clinic and suggested that shutting the service down would be “insensitive.”

When asked about the possible closure of the clinic, SA Health said that it would assess the future of the service again next year. Executive Director of SA Dental Service, Dr Martin Dooland said that it was only necessary for the clinic to open one day per week during term-time and this was why the organisation had planned to close the service and redirect children to other counties for treatment. However, the closure was delayed and will now not take place until the middle of next year at the earliest.


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