Over 8,500 Dentists Risk Losing the Right to Practice Over CPD Requirements

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The General Dental Council have voiced “serious concern” over the number of dentists who have failed to comply with continuing professional development requirements and therefore risk being removed from the GDC register, effectively banning them from practising dentistry.

At the end of July, 36,000 of the roughly 70,000 dental care professionals in the UK will reach the end of a five-year cycle of CPD, which gives them a month to submit a statement to show that the required 150 hours of training and education have been made.

If this statement is not received, then the full evidence of their 150 hours of development, 50 hours of which is verifiable, must be submitted to the GDC. Failure to do this will mean removal from the register and being effectively forbidden to practice dentistry.

The system is there to ensure dentists are continuing at all times to improve as a dentist or dental care professional, tailored to each professional’s needs over a five-year cycle.

Along with this, the GDC has also implemented an enhanced form of its CPD programme, which began at the start of the year for dentists and will be extended to all dental care professionals at the start of August.

Gurvinder Soomal, GDC’s Executive Director of Registration and Corporate Resources has encouraged dental professionals who have not submitted to log into the GDC online portal and do so as soon as possible.

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