Orkney children have the best teeth in Scotland, new survey reveals

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A new survey has revealed that children in Orkney have the best teeth in Scotland.

Figures obtained as part of the National Dental Inspection Programme for 2017 show that standards of oral health are highest on the island, with 90.4 percent of P7 children showing no obvious signs of decay. This figures compares favourably with the national average of 77.1 percent. Rates of decay were also low in Shetland, with 89.3 percent of children displaying no signs of decay.

Jamie Halcro Johnston, MSP for Highlands and Islands, welcomed the news and congratulated local health boards and dental professionals for their hard work and dedication to driving down rates of childhood decay. The island is exceeding national targets and to be named at the top of the list for standards of oral health is an excellent achievement.

Although figures are improving, Mr Halcro Johnston called for continued effort and said that parents and children can also play an instrumental role in keeping decay at bay. Early intervention, positive habits and preventative measures at an early age are clearly contributing to better standards of oral health on the island and across Scotland and hopefully, this trend will continue in the future.

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