Oral Cancer Prevention From Lifestyle And Diet

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The latest developments in oral cancer prevention have indicated more strongly than ever that diet and lifestyle factors can have a dramatic impact either way.

Over the last half century, all research has pointed towards the the rate of oral cancer and certain dietary and lifestyle habits being inextricably linked.

The most crucial risk factors are tobacco and alcohol.

Tobacco. This is dangerous due to the amount of carcinogens absorbed by the body in particular the mouth during the process of smoking.

There are indeed carcinogenic facets in alcohol also. Mainly found in beer, these can become damaging if the person is binge drinking or just failing to enjoy alcohol in moderation.

The carcinogens present cause mutations in our DNA and although our everyday lives expose us to DNA altering situations, we accelerate the rate of mutations and subsequently increase our chances of contracting oral cancer with things such as tobacco and alcohol.

To lower our chances of contracting oral cancer, we should be mindful of our use of alcohol and avoid tobacco completely.

We should also look into eating foods with antioxidants that are derived from plants. Simply replacing vegetable based vitamin sources with pills has been proven as less effective than actual fruit and veg.

As well as this, we should look into avoiding risky sexual situations that could see us catch HPV 16.

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