Oldham Dentist Makes a Difference in Kashmir

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A dentist from Oldham is helping to make a difference to people in Kashmir after teaming up with four dental colleagues to establish a charity. Imran Asghar, who works in Rochdale, set up the Dental Aid Network with four fellow dentists two years ago and the group is currently working on opening a permanent clinic in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir.

The new clinic will form part of a hospital and will deliver basic dental services to hundreds of people in the surrounding area.

Twenty-seven-year-old Imran said he has wanted to volunteer for a long time and when the opportunity came about to work with other dentists to make a positive difference in Kashmir, he had no hesitation in getting involved.

Imran and his fellow dentists have visited the area before and are now excited about the opening of the clinic. The centre will be staffed by volunteers and run on donations, mostly from the UK. Imran is hoping to foster strong links between Oldham and Kashmir, as there are many people living in Oldham with Kashmiri origins.

The charity is also hoping to get involved with projects in South Africa in the coming months.

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