Oasis Healthcare Seals Deal For Smiles Dental

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Oasis Healthcare has agreed a deal to buy Ireland’s largest dental chain, Smiles Dental.

The fee has not been disclosed, but is believed to be around £30 million.

Smiles Dental is owned by orthodontist, Hugh Bradley and Emmet O’Neil. The firm was established in 2005 and expanded rapidly. There is a total of 77 practices across the UK, with 17 clinics based in Ireland. The firm has an estimated annual turnover of £70 million.

The acquisition has further boosted Oasis Healthcare’s status as the UK’s primary provider of dental care. The chain will run 280 practices after the merger, with an expected turnover of over £210 million.

Chief executive of Smiles Dental, Emmet O’Neil, said that the deal was very exciting, as Smiles Dental was looking for additional investment to take it to the next level and he believes that Oasis is the perfect partner.

After the deal has been completed, the Smiles Dental clinics in England will be re-branded as Oasis clinics, while the Irish practices will retain the Smiles Dental name.

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