Oakham Dental Practice to Offer Free Mouth Cancer Checks in November

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A dental practice in Oakham is supporting this year’s Mouth Cancer Action Month campaign by offering free mouth cancer checks in November.

West Road Dental Practice will be offering free oral cancer screening throughout the month of November to raise awareness of this deadly form of cancer and encourage as many people as possible to get checked out.

Mouth Cancer Action Month is an annual campaign designed to get people talking about mouth cancer and educate the public about the causes, risk factors and warning signs.

Oral cancer screening only take a few minutes and involves using a specially designed camera to look inside the mouth. The camera highlights any abnormal oral tissue and if there is a possibility of early signs of oral cancer, a dentist can then refer the patient for further diagnostic tests.

Screening is incredibly important because it detects potentially abnormal changes before they become visible to the human eye and often these precede other symptoms, such as red or white patches in the mouth, slow-healing mouth ulcers, swelling and a persistent sore throat.

Mouth cancer has become increasingly common in the last decade and kills more than 2,000 people in the UK every year. Early diagnosis can improve survival rates significantly.

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