Nutritionist Warns Against Sugary Fruit Juices And Smoothies

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A leading nutritionist has warned people against fruit juices and smoothies this summer, with thousands of people looking to shed pounds ready to hit the beach.

Catherine Matthews, a nutritionist at Tesco, is helping to compile advice for members of the public looking to improve their diet and lose weight this summer; she said that many of the foods and drinks that people think are healthy are actually not a great choice. Fruit smoothies and juices are marketed as a healthy choice, but hey are usually laden with sugar, while olive oil contains around 50 calories per teaspoon, despite the facts that it does have health benefits.

Miss Matthews also warned against low-fat versions of calorific foods, such as crisps and biscuits, as many actually contain more sugar than the original versions of the product.

The British Dietetic Association has been actively campaigning to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking acidic fruit juice, warning that sipping fruit juice and drinking juice between meals increases the risk of acid erosion of the protective enamel coat.

Miss Matthews recommended drinking water throughout the day and starting the day with a hearty breakfast, which contains protein to keep you fuller for longer, such as a poached or boiled egg on toast. She also recommended eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

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