Norwich Dentist Joins Olympic Dental Team

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A Norwich dentist has been selected to join the Olympic dental team.

Dr Bimesh Sawhney, from Riverside Dental on Wherry Road in Norwich, will take up residence in the Olympic village throughout the games and provide treatment for athletes suffering dental injuries or problems.

For Mr Sawhney, a massive sports fan, this is an opportunity to combine two loves and a once in a lifetime chance to treat some of the world’s finest athletes. Mr Sawhney was urged to apply to join the dental team by friends, who were aware of his keen interest in a number of sports.

Mr Sawhney plays football, hockey and tennis on a regular basis and he has recently returned from a skiing trip. He said that he is really excited at the prospect of meeting some famous aces, but is hoping that nobody needs his help while the football is on!

At the moment, Mr Sawhney is unsure where his services will be needed, whether he will be based at the village or out on location to provide emergency treatment for boxers or martial artists. He said that he is aware of the kind of incidents he could be dealing with thanks to playing hockey and added that he is really looking forward to the games kicking off in July.


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