Northampton dental clinic submits application to extend into neighbouring premises

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The owners of a dental surgery in Northampton have submitted an application to extend into a neighbouring residential property. The owner of Duston Dental Practice is hoping that an application to change the use of the property adjacent to the clinic from a house to a dental practice will be approved.

The surgery, which is located on Main Road, is part of a pair of Victorian villas, and the owner is hoping to acquire the next door property to create a larger clinic.

If the application is approved, there are plans to create five new full-time jobs and 1 part-time position. This would bring the team to 23 members of staff.

The proposal details plans to expand the surgery over the first floor of the two properties, with room for a new flat on the ground floor. The car park at the rear of the building would also be enlarged at the expense of a large part of the garden area of the house. This aspect of the proposal has attracted criticism from conservation officers, including David Grubshaw, who advised the council’s arboricultural officer to be consulted over the potential loss of trees.

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