North Shields dentist calls for improved food labelling to tackle high rates of tooth decay

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A dentist from North Shields is calling for improved food labelling to tackle high rates of tooth decay.

Dentist Ewan Bramley, from Ewan Bramley Dental Care, has appealed to food manufacturers to make labels clearer to enable people to buy healthier foods. Describing the current system as a “load of rubbish,” Mr Bramley said that many parents are unclear about the sugar content of items they regularly add to their baskets. Many of these products are considered to be healthy alternatives to cakes, sweets, and fizzy drinks, but closer inspection reveals that hidden sugars could be equally damaging.

Most parents have a list of foods that they know are bad for their children’s teeth, but the list needs to be expanded, according to Mr Bramley. Products like flavoured yoghurts, fruit juices and smoothies, dried fruits, soups, sauces, and bread all contain sugar. Labels are often misleading, and more needs to be done to make sugar content clear.

Mr Bramley made the plea to coincide with World Oral Health Day and encouraged parents to keep an eye on their child’s daily intake of sugar. A recent survey by Public Health England revealed that most children consume too much sugar on a daily basis, and many exceed the RDA through snacking alone. To reduce rates of decay, PHE has launched a new healthy snacking initiative and dentists across the country are encouraging parents to bring their child for regular check-ups from the age of 1.

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