North East dental firm invests thousands in new technology to keep staff and patients safe

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A North East dental firm has invested more than £50,000 in new technology and equipment to keep staff and patients safe.

Queensway Dental, which has practices in Jesmond and Billingham, has spent thousands of pounds on new innovations to provide virtual services for customers and to enhance the patient experience in the aftermath of the lockdown. 

For the past few months, the practices were offering urgent care in line with government guidelines, but routine services have now been restored. As teams welcome patients back, they are increasing capacity at the same time as offering online services to cater for patients who need advice and those looking for information. 

Dr Will Carter explained that the firm has invested heavily over the last few months to prepare for life after lockdown and to offer patients the opportunity to benefit from both a safe and enjoyable experience. One of the main changes is the availability of virtual consultations. Throughout lockdown, dental teams were running online appointments for patients, and this will be extended. Patients who might need advice or guidance, but don’t need to come into the practice can take advantage of video calls, and those who are preparing for an appointment will also be contacted via video call. Dentists will be discussing procedures and getting patients ready for treatment in advance via virtual channels to speed up the process once they arrive at the clinic and to provide reassurance and advice.

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