North Cornwall Anger at the Closure of Dentist

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Residents of Camelford, Cornwall, have been angered by news of the upcoming closure of the only dental practice in the town.

Patients at the Highfield Road practice have received letters advising them that the surgery will close on July 19th due to difficulty affording a lease extension.

Former town mayor Brian Lush, was extremely angry at the news, stating “It’s like being in a third world country.” Jonathan Holt, chairman of the town forum shared Mr Lush’s sentiments, accusing the Cornwall Primary Care Trust (PCT) of neglecting the town of Camelford.

The practice, which is run by Oasis Dental Care, will carry out procedures until the 18th July and any courses of treatment that are incomplete when the surgery closes will be finished at the April Lodge surgery in Bude.

The Cornwall Primary Care Trust said that it is looking into options for a Camelford surgery, but no new practices would open this financial year and the responsibility for commissioning services will pass from the PCT to the new NHS Commissioning Board from April 2013.

The PCT is currently creating a review of services in Cornwall to identify areas of need for the new board and working on solutions for patients at Highfield Road.

Residents are even angrier about the closure because the PCT announced that the surgery would be accepting 2,000 new patients just eighteen months ago.

Alternative services will be available for patients in Bude, Wadebridge, Launceston and Bodmin.


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