Norfolk Dentist to Make “Life-Changing” Dental Charity Trip to Uganda

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A Norfolk dentist is volunteering to travel to Uganda and provide life-changing toothcare and critical support to a developing country where average life expectancy is in the early 50s.

Dental nurse Sarah Drew, 37, will join nine other dental professionals, including dentists, nurses, therapists and hygienists on a trip across Uganda, providing pop up clinics in areas with particularly high levels of dental health deprivation.

The volunteer team, a part of dental charity Dentaid aims to provide basic dental treatments to relieve pain, as well as oral health education to help people in the East African nation take care of their own teeth. Their pop up clinic is designed to be set up virtually anywhere in the country with a large amount of dental health kit.

This will be the second time Mrs Drew has volunteered with Dentaid after being a dental nurse for over 20 years. She admitted she jumped at the chance to volunteer for Dentaid having seen the amazing work they have done for people first hand. She argued that dental care is something that everyone in the world should have access to and having the opportunity to contribute to that in a small way will be life-changing for both the patients her team sees and also herself.

Mrs Drew will need to raise £2,100 in order to confirm her place on the trip, which she aims to get via fundraising.

Dentaid has worked in over 70 countries for over twenty years to end dental pain through treatment, education, training and donations of equipment.

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