NHS Launches Investigation After Dental Forms Found in a Bin in Coventry

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NHS England has launched an investigation after dental forms were found dumped in a bin in Coventry.

Around 150 NHS dental forms were discovered in a public recycling bin at a Coventry supermarket on Sunday evening. The NHS declaration forms should be disposed of by dentists in line with policies set out by authorities to protect patients and their identities. Following destruction of information, dentists are required to apply for a certificate to confirm the disposal.

West Midlands Police are now working with NHS England to determine what happened and how the records ended up in a recycling bin in Cannon Park. The papers were found by chair of the Coventry branch of UKIP, Mark Taylor, who was disposing of his own papers when he noticed the forms, which included patient signatures, as well as their names and dates of  birth.

Mr Taylor said that it looked as though the papers had just been dumped in the bin and he contacted police immediately, assuming that processes were in place for dentists to dispose of information securely. The papers date back to 2007.

A spokesperson for NHS England has confirmed that an investigation into the matter will be launched and police are currently trying to find out which practice the forms are associated with to take the matter forward.

Chief Inspector Helen Kirkman said that it was too early to determine if there was any criminal activity involved and urged anyone who has any information about the incident to contact police on 101.

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