NHS dentists set for a pay rise

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NHS dentists and doctors will receive a 2.8% pay rise, which will be backdated to April 2020, the Chancellor has confirmed. 

Rishi Sunak has acted on the findings of the Review Body on Doctors’ and Dentists’ Remuneration Report, confirming an increase of 2.8%, which equates to £2,200- £3,000 for consultants, £1,100- £2,100 for speciality doctors and between £1,500 and £2,600 for associate specialists. The increase is part of the long-term funding plan for the NHS, which represents an extra cash injection of more than £33 billion by 2023/2024. 

The move has been welcomed by Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, who said that the last few months have been “incredibly challenging” for NHS workers. Mr Hancock praised the “resolve, professionalism and dedication” of frontline staff and said that the government was pleased to accept the recommendations made by advisory bodies as part of the remuneration report. Mr Hancock also reiterated support for continued investment in NHS and social care recruitment, with the aim of hiring 50,000 more nurses and 6,000 more GPs. 

News of the pay rise for doctors and dentists is likely to be received warmly by the public, with many people getting on board with initiatives to support frontline workers during the COVID-19 crisis. Thursday nights became synonymous with standing on the doorstep clapping for nurses, doctors, health and dental practitioners and support staff, emergency services and other essential workers, and people have donated millions of pounds to charities, such as NHS Together.

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