NHS dental fees frozen in England and Wales

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Fees for NHS dental treatment have not increased this April in England or Wales.

Traditionally, charges for NHS dentistry rise slightly in April every year, but this year, fees have been frozen. The Department for Health and Social Care confirmed that NHS charges would not increase in April 2021. The news comes after prices increased in December following the delay of planning hikes in April 2020.

NHS dental treatment is subsidised and there is a banding system in place to provide clarity. Patients receive either band 1, band 2 or band 3 treatments with each level set at a different price. From December 2020, prices in England were set at £23.80 for band 1, including routine check-ups, £65.20 for band 2, including root canal treatment and tooth extractions and £269.30 for band 3, which includes crowns, dentures and dental bridges.

Prices have been frozen in England the chief dental officer for Wales, Colette Bridgman, confirmed that charges would also remain the same in Wales. Prices are significantly lower in Wales, with band 1 treatments costing £14.70, band 2 treatments priced at £47 and band 3 treatments charged at £203.

NHS dental care is available free of charge for children and people who receive certain state benefits.

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