Newport Man Found Guilty of Illegal Teeth Whitening

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A man from Newport has appeared in court charged with the unlawful practice of dentistry in Usk.

Martyn Collier, who lives on Rochester Road in Newport, appeared at Cwmbran Magistrates Court on Monday, 1st June and was found guilty of practicing unlawful teeth whitening.

Collier, aged 34,Smile Like the Stars Training Limited’s sole director. The company runs training courses on whitening teeth.

Teeth whitening is strictly a dental practice. It must be performed by GDC registered dentists, dental therapists, dental hygienists or clinical dental technicians and only by the prescription of a dentist.

Collier is not GDC registered and was found guilty of practicing dentistry unlawfully. This is specifically in relation to teeth whitening he performed on two people whilst purporting to train them in the practice. The training Mr Collier alleged to provide would not legally enable the trainees to practice teeth whitening.

Both offences took place on March 3rd, 2014 at the Cwrt Bleddyn Hotel and Spa in Llangybi near Usk.

Collier rented out a conference suite, in which his offences took place. He was at no time employed by the hotel. The complainants paid the price of £1,495 through the company’s website. They were told that the training would gain them a qualification enabling them to legally provide teeth whitening.

Mr Collier have complainants misleading and false documents regarding the legality of teeth whitening and methods to avoid being prosecuted. He has been sentenced to a conditional discharge of three years.

He has been instructed to pay compensation of £1,495  to the complainants as well as a £15 surcharge. He will also have to pay £3,500 worth of costs to the GDC.



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