Newcastle dentist issues stress warning after Demi Moore attributes tooth loss to anxiety

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A dentist from Newcastle has warned of the dental effects of stress after Hollywood star, Demi Moore, blamed stress and anxiety for the loss of two of her teeth.

Dr Rob Wain, from Dovetail Bespoke Dental Solutions, said that he sees patients who are suffering from the effects of stress on a daily basis. Most people are aware that stress can take its toll on your mood and your sleep patterns, but the effects on your dental health are less well-documented. Recently, Demi Moore spoke out in the papers about losing her teeth as a result of anxiety, and Dr Wain is keen to make people more aware of the potentially harmful implications of stress for your teeth.

One common side-effect is bruxism, or tooth grinding. Grinding the teeth is a subconscious action, which can contribute to chips and worn edges, and increase the risk of TMJ disorder, a group of symptoms, which affect the temporomandibular joint. This is the joint that connects the lower jaw and the skull. Symptoms include stiffness and pain in the jaw, headaches and clicking and popping noises when you move the jaw.

Dr Wain has encouraged anyone who has symptoms of TMJ disorder to book a check-up. If grinding is an issue, there are solutions available, which can prevent dental damage. One solution that may be recommended is a bite guard, which is similar to a mouth guard worn for sport. The aim is to prevent the top and bottom arches of teeth clashing together when you sleep.

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