Newcastle dental team signs new deal with Jesmond football club

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A chain of dental and skincare clinics based in Newcastle has signed a new sponsorship deal with a Jesmond football club.

Honour Health, which was previously known as Osborne Dental, has agreed terms to become the primary kit sponsor for West Jesmond AFC. The chain has clinics in Jesmond, Ponteland and Stanley.

Principal dentist, Onkar Dhanoya, rebranded the business last year to reflect the dental chain’s expansion and diversification into skin care services. As part of the rebrand, Honour Health vowed to connect with local communities and Mr Dhanoya is delighted to be working with the football team. West Jesmond AFC has been established for almost 15 years and it brings local people from all walks of life together.

Honour Health has signed a three-year deal to be the club’s main kit sponsor and the dental team is looking forward to working with players and fans in the months to come. The partnership reflects Honour Health’s promise to support the local community and encourage healthy living and West Jesmond’s commitment to promoting community engagement and active lifestyles.



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