New Zealand Dental Therapist To Begin Oral Health Study In Vanuatu

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A dental therapist from New Zealand is preparing to start an oral health study in Vanuatu.

Liz Webb, who has recently completed a postgraduate diploma in clinical research at Victoria University, is set to start her doctoral study on oral health in Vanuatu next year. Her previous study concentrated on the link between oral health in Maori women and their children and the new study will involve people living on the island of Efate and Tanna.

Liz is expecting to find high levels of fluorosis as a result of the frequent eruption of the Yasur volcano, which is located on the islands. Liz believes that constant eruption over the last 300 years has increased levels of fluoride in the natural environment, which may have contributed to high levels of fluorosis.

Liz is also expecting high levels of periodontal disease and she is looking to investigate how the opening of a shop selling cheap lollipops and drinks to children has had on standards of oral health.

Liz is also interested in finding out about the roles of village chiefs and traditional medicine on the islands.


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