New York dentist shares secrets to cure a burned mouth

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With so much temptation around us at this time of year, it’s no wonder than a burned mouth is a common complaint. We’ve all been in the situation where we’ve tucked in prematurely and ended up in pain for our troubles. A burned mouth can be very sore due to the lack of fat under the sensitive tissue in the mouth, but help is at hand. This Christmas, New York dentist, Dr Eunjung Jo has shared some tips to help you prevent this common ailment and some secrets to help you cope if you do succumb to the perils of eating hot food.

Dr Jo, from Astor Smile, explained that burns in the roof of the mouth often heal slower than those on the tongue due to the increased blood supply to the tongue. Despite this, the pain can be more severe due to the delicacy of the skin on the surface layer of the tongue. If you burn yourself really badly, the pain can linger for days and make it difficult to eat. In New York, the worst culprits for Dr Jo are cigarettes and hot pizza, which tends to catch people off guard.

To speed the healing process up, Dr Jo recommends avoiding hard foods, as well as spicy meals and snacks and hot food. Although you may assume that an ice cold drink would soothe your pain, this can actually make it worse, so use a straw and ask for no ice if you’re ordering in a bar. Dr Jo also recommends drinking or eating anything acidic, as acids irritate the fragile skin.

The New York dentist also advises patients to try and keep the mouth as clean as possible by practising good oral hygiene. It is rare for people to need treatment, as burns in the mouth tend to heal independently, however, there are medicinal mouthwashes that can help.

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