New UK Based Website to Help Dentists

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One of the biggest problems for dentists is finding a suitable laboratory for work, which they are unable to do themselves. Among the many things needed besides dentures are orthodontic appliances.

However, this problem could be about to change with the launch of a new website.

DEMAS stands for the Dental Appliance Manufacturers Audit Scheme and its aim is to bring dentists closer to the dental laboratory. In other words, rather than just making do with what is currently available, dentists will be able to search for a lab that meets their requirements much more closely.

What’s more, only those accredited laboratories will be mentioned on the new website. They are also audited once a year by an assessor, who inspects the labs to ensure they are fulfilling the criteria laid down by the Care Quality Commission.

It is believed this audit will ensure both dentists and patients receive the best quality product manufactured at the respective lab chosen.

With major changes over recent years, both dental surgeries and dental laboratories have had to adapt quickly to these changes. Not all labs have managed to do so and some have gone out of business. Those that remain though are seizing the new opportunities being presented.

The website itself offers dentists a wealth of useful information, which will help the dental practice make the best decision for the patient. This includes the type of appliance available and any awards the laboratory has been given.


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