New private dental clinic opens in Liverpool’s Matchworks development

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A new private dental clinic has opened in the Matchworks development in Liverpool.

Dental Excellence UK, which already boasts an extensive list of celebrity clients, including members of the Liverpool football team, has opened a state of the art surgery on the Garston complex, which is located in the south of the city.

The modern clinic is kitted out with the latest equipment, and the dental team, led by Dr Robbie Hughes, is promising advanced techniques and rapid treatment, including a 2-day smile makeover service. Dr Hughes, a former kickboxing champion and a Liverpool native, said that the new clinic is “bringing the glamour of Beverley Hills and Harley St together under one roof.”

Dr Hughes is particularly keen to help dental patients overcome their fears, and he has designed a practice based on the desire to create a relaxing space where patients feel comfortable and at ease. The thought of going to the dentist is enough to make many people feel anxious, and the aim for Dental Excellence UK is to pioneer techniques and ways of working that banish fears for good.

As well as providing cutting-edge treatments for patients from Liverpool and beyond, the centre will also provide opportunities for the in-house team to work with dental professionals from across the city.

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