New Online Survey Suggests Parents Doing More to Target Tooth Decay

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A new online survey has suggested that parents are doing more to try and prevent their children from developing dental decay.

A poll conducted by the British Dental Health Foundation found that almost half of parents said they would rather find healthier alternatives to popular treats for their children, including sugar-free confectionery.

As Christmas Day draws closer, parents are under increasing pressure to provide children with chocolate bars and sweets, as shelves are laden with alluring treats and checkouts often adorned with special festive offers. Dr Nigel Carter OBE, chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, advised parents to try and be mindful of oral health this Christmas and to try and limit the amount of sugary foods and drinks children consume. It is of course, a time to celebrate and enjoy a few indulgences, but moderating children’s intake will enable them to enjoy a few special treats without damaging their teeth.

Sugar-free sweets can help to curb sweet cravings and adopting certain eating habits can be highly beneficial. Eating sweets with main meals only and avoiding snacking is one of the most important tips this Christmas. Grazing throughout the day causes the tooth enamel to be under constant threat from plaque acids; keeping a clear gap between eating ensures the enamel has time to recover and remineralise.

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