New Nevada clinic expands treatment for those without insurance

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A new clinic in western Nevada County is set to expand in order to accept patients under twenty-one who have specific insurance through Medi-Cal, a company which provides free dental care and which is largely unaccepted in the area. The clinic, opened by several doctors in the area, is to also focus their care on paediatric and maternity patients.

The clinic, which opened in October 2009, originally saw patients only one day a week; however, through word of mouth and popularity, the clinic is now expanding and is open four days a week. Dr. Pfaffinger whom, with help from a number of local pediatric and general dentists, has headed the project originally conceived by Miners Family Health Clinic CEO Scott McFarland.

‘From day one we’ve been totally packed,’ said Pfaffinger, ‘word spreads in the community quickly.’

The clinic receives government grants and funding due to the large amount of low-income patients in the area, and patients pay either a percentage of their treatment or on a sliding scale based on their individual income. Three of the four days are focus fully on child treatment, whilst the other focuses on adults and pregnant women especially. Dr. Justin Pfaffinger explained; ‘…we wanted to get something going because tee are a tremendous number of families, especially children, who do not see the dentists at all in Nevada County.’

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