New National Children’s Museum Gallery Features Giant Teeth And Mock-Up Dentist

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A new multi-million pound gallery at Eureka! The National Children’s museum is set to be unveiled on Friday 29th March.

The new exhibition, which represents the largest overhaul in the museum’s history, is entitled ‘All About Me’ and features giant teeth, a giant nose and a mock-up dental practice and health centre. The aim of the gallery is to educate children about their health and their bodies and to prepare them for trips to the doctor and dentist.

Children are invited to take part in interactive activities and learning exercises, to touch and feel the exhibits and to climb inside the gallery.

The gallery was officially opened by paralympian and Eureka! ambassador , Hannah Cockcroft, and the local press and children from local schools were treated to a sneak preview.

Six year old Savannah Harris posed among the giant teeth with dental students, Ellie Stephenson and Rebecca Smith and all the children looked like they were having great fun.

The gallery will open to the general public on Friday. The new exhibit replaces the ‘Me and My Body’ display. The museum is located in Halifax.

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