New Mouthwash Could Put an End to Decay

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Scientists working on a new mouthwash believe it could eliminate tooth decay.

Researchers at UCLA School of Dentistry in the USA believe that they may have come up with the perfect formula to eliminate decay by destroying streptococcus bacteria, which are responsible for decay.

Researchers asked twelve people to rinse their mouth out using the mouthwash once a day and found that the streptococcus mutans had been virtually eliminated from the mouth for the next four days. Dr Wenyuan Shi, lead author of the study, said that there were no notable side-effects of using the mouthwash and the team will continue to monitor the effects of using the mouthwash through the FDA trial process.

The antimicrobial mouthwash is specifically designed to target the bacteria that cause decay and lasts longer than other mouthwashes, which tend to wear off after 24 hours.

The research team is planning to start the trial process early next year but the process could take several years so we won’t be seeing it on the shelves any time soon. In the meantime, a good oral hygiene routine will help to reduce the risk of decay and regular dental visits will also help to prevent tooth rot and gum disease.


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