New mobile app lets dentists diagnose patients online

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Technology has always been a vital player within the dental industry, and the new Tooth Fairy app is no exception.

With one in four patients being turned away when they try to register at a dental practice in the UK, this app could be revolutionary in getting people the dentist advice they need.

The app offers patients a video call with a fully qualified dentist. Consultations are available with both NHS and private dentists who can guide patients, prescribe medicine and arrange face-to-face appointments if necessary.

All users have to do is fill in some personal information including some basic medical history. 

As it stands, the Tooth Fairy app is free. Patients only need to pay for the consultation itself, which is usually a £25 one-off fee. Then, they’ll be able to make appointments with a dentist who can see them – usually within 24 hours.

So, is this app the future of dentistry? It certainly looks that way. 

The UK is experiencing a backlog of patients still waiting to see a dentist (sometimes up to 4 years). 

Apps like Tooth Fairy will help to relieve pressure from dentists and their clinics, and ensure that patients coming into the practice are the ones who need dental work the most. 

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