New Dental Technology Course Launches In Aberdeen

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A brand new dental technology course has launched in Aberdeen that will enable students to study in their local area without having to travel to Edinburgh every week.

The diploma in dental technology is a new and innovative course that sets out to “plug the gaps” in the provision of dental training in Scotland.

The course is aimed at students from rural communities, small towns and villages in the Aberdeen area. Students previously had to travel to Edinburgh once a week but they will now be able to gain qualifications on their doorstep.

Many people were put off training as a result of the travel time and associated costs. But it is hoped that the new course will attract people put off training previously. The course, set up by NHS Grampian, NHS Education, the University of the Highlands and Islands, and the University of Aberdeen Dental School and Hospital, is open to dental technician trainees and includes a range of teaching methods ranging from face-to-face training and workshops, to workplace placements and online learning.

The course is part-time and will take three years to complete. Students are supervised by fully qualified dental technicians and the course is run by the University of the Highlands and Islands.

Keith Ewan, course leader, said everyone is excited about the “innovative course” that is set to help dental technicians develop their skills and further their careers.

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