New Dental Programme In British Columbia To Help Patients With Dental Deformities

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A new dental programme, which will help patients with severe dental and facial deformities, is set to be launched in British Columbia.

Margaret MacDiarmid, health minister, unveiled plans for $700,000 worth of funding for a complex prosthodontic programme in a bid to reduce a waiting list for treatment and surgery; currently, there are 65 patients waiting for treatment.

It is estimated that around 40 people per year will benefit from the new programme. Some people are born with facial and dental deformities and are forced to wait for treatment for abnormalities until their bones have stopped growing, while others develop abnormalities as a result of cancer treatment. This programme will help patients to access the specialist care they need without a long wait and also treatment will be available at two locations, rather than a number of difference clinics in the area; now, all treatment will be provided at either Vancouver General Hospital or the British Columbia Cancer Agency, which will save patients from travelling around and improve continuity of care.

The new complex prosthodontic programme will enable dentists and medical specialists to work together in a more efficient and effective way.

The programme is being run by the British Columbia Dental Association in conjunction with the B.C Cancer Agency, VGH and B.C Children’s Hospital.

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