New Crossings To Be Installed In Leeds Following Death Of Dental Student

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New pedestrian crossings will be installed near the University of Leeds following the death of a dental student in 2012.

Fraser McLintock was 19 years old when he was hit by a taxi when crossing the road at the busy Blenheim Walk junction close to the main campus of the University of Leeds.

Plans have been drawn up to install better pedestrian crossings after the coroner handing the case called for a review; Fraser McLintock was visiting Leeds with friends when he was hit; he was a dental student at Newcastle University.

Fraser suffered head injuries after the accident and died a week later in hospital.

Leeds City Council has now compiled a report, which confirms that £100,000 will be spent on installing a new crossing on St Mark’s Road following the fatal incident in 2012. The report highlighted the fact that the coroner had encouraged a review of crossing facilities, despite the fact that the accident was not a result of problems with pedestrian crossings. The coroner pointed out that there was a lack of facilities considering that the area is often extremely busy, even during the evenings, as there are thousands of students attending classes in the immediate area and many also live in the surrounding streets.

The investigation by the chief officer for highways and transport concluded that the area would benefit from more crossings and the new crossing is set to be installed in the near future.

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