New community grants to improve oral care for vulnerable groups in New Zealand

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New community grants, which have been provided by Wrigley Company Foundation in partnership with the New Zealand Dental Association, is planned to help to provide improved dental care for New Zealand’s most vulnerable groups.

The 2018 Community Service Grants will benefit children, the elderly, patients with mental health conditions, the homeless, refugees, low-income families, and victims of abuse. Victoria Hamilton, Wrigley Company Foundation spokesperson, stated that the aim of the grants is to target vulnerable people across the country and enable them to access dental care.

Research suggests that older people, those without a fixed abode, those on low incomes and people who suffer from physical and mental illnesses are not as likely to maintain a high standard of oral health. These grants are designed to narrow the gap between oral care in affluent areas and deprived towns and villages and to ensure that everyone has access to the care they need and deserve.

This year, there will be a series of grants available, including five dental education grants worth $1,500, five treatment grants worth $4,500 each, a $7,500 grant for Pacific Region Dental Aid, and a $15,000 Principles in Action grant. The $15,000 grant is part of a collaboration with Canterbury District Health Board, an organisation focused on tackling problems faced by local dental patients who have mental health conditions.

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