New Award Category in Dental Ceremonies

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A new category has been chosen for future dental awards: Best DCP (Dental Care Professional)

The award is being given for “key dental care professionals” in practices, of which potentials for the DCP are nominated by their fellow staff. So, if you know of anyone within your practice who is deserving of the award, you can nominate them for this new award.

If there are any potential key dental care professionals in your practice you can nominate them by writing to the dental awards website, explaining why you think this member of your team deserves the award within 250 and 2,000 words.

Your nomination can be sent with other evidence as to how great of a dental professional your colleague is, including testimonials from both patients and staff members at your own practice.

The dental awards are fast and the deadline to nominate for this the Best Dental Care Professional is Friday the 8th of July. The awards celebrate regional and national dental excellence in multiple categories. The award ceremony will be conducted by acting Chairman of Dentistry Magazine, Amarjit Gill and have been created to recognise and award those individuals and dental practices in the dental world that deserve special thanks for the work they have done.

The Dentistry Awards are on Friday the 2nd of December at the Athena, Leicester. The evening of the awards with include a champagne reception as well as a three course meal before the awards which in turn are followed by beautiful music and dancing.

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