New anaesthetic could spell the end of the dreaded needle

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A new method of anaesthetising patients could put an end to the dreaded needle. Dr Biju Krishnan, of Lubiju Dental Practice in Edinburgh, is trialling the new QuickSleeper device, which enables patients to be anaesthetised without them feeling the pain of an injection.

The new device causes patients to feel a slight vibration, rather than a needle prick and will be a welcome sight for those patients that quiver at the thought of a needle. The method can also be used to target specific

nerves, which prevents the patient from experiencing a numb tongue or cheek following surgery.The QuickSleeper method is also advantageous because it can be used to numb the nerve tissue surrounding up to eight teeth; this means only one injection is needed, rather than a number of different injections.

Dr Krishnan is trialling the new method as he believes it will help to encourage those that have dental anxiety and dental phobia to visit their dentist; many people shy away from going to the dentist because they are afraid of having injections or experiencing the dentist’s drill. Dental anxiety is a common condition and it can mean people avoid the dentist, even when they have severe dental problems that require urgent treatment. Now, patients can feel much more relaxed going to the dentist, knowing that they will only experience mild vibrations and will only need one injection.

Researchers have been developing the product for ten years and staff at the Lubiju dental practice are excited to be pioneering the treatment.



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